About Us

Mother Nature provides us all we need.  And when it comes to our Health and well-being, it provides us even more. We at HealthAndNature.in believe in the famous saying “Health is Wealth”.  There is nothing more important or valuable than our health.  Good health is the real wealth.  No matter how fit and healthy a person is, he or she is bound to experience many of the most common diseases.

Hence our humble attempt through this informative website is to share the ancient knowledge of herbs and plants commonly available around us that provides relief and cure to most common diseases which our ancestors were well aware of. Here you can find many simple yet effective natural remedies to cure some of the common diseases. Though these diseases are very common, if not treated on time, can worsen and have severe complications. Treating them naturally with herbs and plants that we commonly get in our home and nature will help you enhance your overall health.

Ayurvedic treatment, on which this website and the remedies mentioned here is mostly based on, is more about nature and herbs which have power to cure our diseases without any side effects and at the same time keeps us healthy too. Ayurveda concentrates on each plants or herbs natural quality to treat our ailments. It also treats the disease from its root and keeps us healthy and fit.

We would have never heard of our ancestors visiting a doctor often for simple ailments. They make their own medicines with natural plants or herbs which are found around their homes. Herbal plants are safe and have no side effects on our health. Ayurveda medicines are natural when compared with other chemically treated products which are very harmful in the long run and continuous use of chemical compounds may lead to irreversible complications on our body.

Ancient medicine was purely based on plants and herbs which were naturally found around us. India is famous for its diverse and rich flora & fauna with large number of medicinal plants and herbs. Medicinal plants like turmeric, tulasi, pepper, neem, ginger etc. are considered the best home remedies for many common health issues.

People have started realizing the benefits of ayurvedic treatment and are using them to treat ailments. It is at the same time, also important to know the right way of using each herb. We at HealthAndNature help you understand or recognize the use of each herb and their effect on our health.

Most of us do not like to visit doctor each time for common or minor ailments like cold, cough, headache, fever etc. All the treatments mentioned here are natural, safe and less expensive too. However, do consult your Ayurveda practitioner/ Doctor before you decide to treat any of your ailments through self-medication mentioned on this website.

Let us join hands and strive together for a healthier tomorrow by leading a life closer to nature, consuming healthy foods and natural supplements, avoiding unhealthy foods and chemical compounds and share the knowledge of wellbeing found abundantly in the lap of Mother Nature.