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home remedies rose flower

Who doesn’t get attracted to Roses?  A rose attracts people for its exotic color, beauty and fragrance. This beautiful flower is commonly found throughout India and is cultivated widely for its cosmetic value and medicinal purpose. Though a beauty plant, rose has many healing properties in it. Rose is rich in natural oils and vitamins along with natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rose is a symbol of love, beauty, romance and friendship. The sweet fragrances of this flower will sooth our senses and give peace and happiness. This is a unique property of roses which helps to balance sadhaka pitta, subdosha of pitta which governs our emotions and their effect on heart

Known as shatapatri, meaning ‘a hundred petals’, roses are used medicinally for various treatments in Ayurveda. Other common names of this flower are gulab, gulabi, gulabihuvu, karnika, gandhadya etc. Ayurveda uses roses in the preparation of many rasayana/herbal formulas to promote the overall health.

Many varieties of roses are grown in India. Red roses with its color, beauty and fragrance are very famous across the world. Different species hybridize easily and is used in the development of wide range of garden roses. Original variety of roses possesses health benefits than the hybrid cultivated variety.

Not all roses you see around are edible. There are many varieties of roses you see in parks, roads and lawns which are very attractive and tempting. Do not pick them as they can be likely treated with harmful toxic pesticides. Make sure you buy organic roses which are free from harmful pesticides. It is best to grow your own flowers in the garden as they are safe and pesticides free

Medicinal properties and uses of Rose-home remedies rose flower:

Rose is cooling in potency, bitter, astringent and sweet in taste. Though rose is cooling, it still enhances the digestive fire (Agni). Due to this property, the flower pacifies all the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha)

Rose is considered the most predominant flower in Ayurveda than any other flowers as it pacifies sadhaka pitta – subdosha of pitta, which governs the emotions of heart and prana vata-subdosha of vata, which governs our mind, brain, chest and sensory perception

Ayurveda uses rose for skin care treatments, aromatic oils, herbal tonic, herbal tea/drink etc. The flower is highly effective during summer to balance the pitta dosha which is at its peak during the time. As said, rose balances tridosha when used in moderation and can be used by everyone throughout the year

Attar of roses or rose essence or rose oil is a fragrant rich clear essential oil which is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose petals. These are widely used as perfumes.

Rose essential oil is used in aroma therapy to treat blood pressure and insomnia and is one of the best home remedies rose flower. Inhaling or absorbing the oil through skin is believed to affect biological factors such as breathing, heartbeat, stress levels and blood pressure. Aroma therapy using rose essential oil is beneficial in treating anxiety, headaches, migraines, depression, menstrual cramps etc. It can also be helpful in having a sound sleep at night

(PS: Essential oils are highly concentrated product. It should be diluted before use)

An associated product of rose essential oil is rose water. Rose water is very fragrant and helps to cool the body especially during summer.  It can be used as a toner to cleanse and remove impurities from the skin, balances pitta, improves skin tone, removes dark circles under eyes, promotes hair growth and also helps to strengthen the teeth.

Rose petals are also used in the preparation of a special sweet preserve called Gulkand. In India, this rose preserve is very popular and is a general Ayurveda tonic which is naturally rich in calcium and anti-oxidants. Gulkand strengthens heart, liver and nervous system. It has cooling properties and hence beneficial in tiredness, lethargy, body aches, to reduce burning sensation in palms & soles, to reduce inflammation of eyes, to strengthen teeth & gums, to reduce stress etc.

Healing and curing properties of Rose:

Vata Unmada (Insanity): also referred as psychosis, it is an illness of mind where the person lacks the clarity or sattva and is completely unaware of the situation. Symptoms of insanity include speaking without thoughts, delusions, laughing without reason and singing, dancing or crying at improper place and time. Proper satvik diet and satvik practices can balance the clarity of body and mind

Here is a simple home remedy with natural herbs:

  • Lehya/Paka with mixed herbs: Get few fresh betel leaves and wash it until clear. Also remove the ends of the betel leaves. Using a mortar pestle, crush it and extract juice. In a bowl add about 120 ml of betel leaves juice and 50 grams rock candy or organic sugar. Mix it well and add this mixture into a thick bottomed vessel. Bring it to boil until it becomes thick syrup. Switch off the flame and add 60grams of fresh organic rose petals to this syrup. Mix all together gently and close the lid. Keep aside for few minutes until it comes to room temperature. Store this mixture in an air tight container and use as required

Dosage: 1 teaspoon before and after food, morning and evening

After consuming the lehya, the person gets a good sound sleep. Continue this Lehya for few days continuously and there can be positive changes as the day pass by.

Parikartika (Fissure in Ano): parikartika or fissure is a crack on the skin line of the anal canal and it is a painful condition.

  • Get few fresh organic roses and remove the petals. Wash and wipe it clean. Fry these petals in very little castor oil for few seconds and add 1-2 teaspoon of haritaki choorna. Mix well and switch off the flame. Now add this mixture to a glass of water (room temperature water) and drink it

Dosage: daily morning once. Restrict the diet with simple rice and butter milk. Do not eat hot, spicy and heavy meals.

Rose petals are mild and cool and hence the patient does not feel pain or irritation when they passes feces.

  • Drinking buttermilk will be very helpful during this condition. To prepare butter milk, add 2 tsp curd to a glass of water along with crushed ¼ tsp jeera, 2-3 fresh organic rose petals and very little organic sugar. Mix well and drink this often in a day. If diabetic, add pinch salt instead of sugar.
  • Mix few fresh organic /pesticide free petals in milk and boil adding little organic sugar or rock candy. Cool and drink it continuously for few days. This drink is also beneficial in stomach infections.


  • Take few fresh organic/pesticide free rose petals and rinse them well. Wipe it clean and dry them under shade. Also get some grapes and deseed it. Dry it too under shape until it shrinks. Add 1 cup dried rose petals and 2 cups of dried grapes in a bowl. Mix them and add it into a mortar pestle. Crush them together until it combines well and forms a thick paste. Shape them into small balls/tablets and store it in a clean glass jar

Dosage: Consume 1 or 2 tablets and drink a cup of warm water or milk.

(PS: Measurement of rose and grapes can be varied. Always take dried grapes twice the quantity to that of dried rose petals)

How to make Gulkand at home:

Gulkand: Get a huge Jar and clean it. Dry under sun and add little organic sugar into the jar. Add few rose petals into it. Again add powdered sugar on top. Close the lid tightly and keep it under sun. Due to the heat, the petals shrink. Repeat in this way till the jar is filled till top. Keep it for few weeks under sun tightly closing the jar. When all the petals shrink completely, you get thick red honey. Now gulkand is ready to use

Dosage: For weakness, consume 1teaspoon morning and evening. Drink buffalo milk when you eat this gulkand for weakness.

This Gulkand can be eaten by everyone during summer, as it cools our body and re-energizes us. Consumption of this continuously for months, will improve eye health too. Gulkand made from fresh organic rose petals is the best medicine for tiredness or weakness. It is helpful in stomach ache/irritation, constipation, eye itching etc. Consume 1 or 2 teaspoon of gulkand everyday

To make Rose water at home:

Get fresh organic or pesticide free edible rose petals and rinse them well. In a saucepan add the petals and pour enough water just to cover the petals. Cover the vessel and heat it for about 15-20 minutes on a low flame until the petals turns pale and water takes over the color of the petals. Switch off the flame and strain the water to separate water and rose petals. Let the rose water come to room temperature before storing it in a clean glass jar/container


  • Always purchase organic roses which are free from pesticides and harmful chemicals
  • If you grow your own roses, pick them fresh early in the morning when they blossom as they are most fragrant
  • Use filtered water, which is free from bacteria. You can use distilled water too
  • Dried rose petals can also be used instead of fresh ones
  • For 1 cup fresh rose petals you may need about 1 ½ -2 cups water
  • The container or glass jar you use to store the rose water needs to be very clean and dry
  • Rose water at room temperature can be used up to 10 days and for longer shelf life, refrigerate it
  • Use homemade rose water to flavor your herbal tea, cakes, cookies, salads, biryani, pulav etc.

Other health benefits of Rose:

  • Gulkand can remove excess of toxins from the body and thus purifies blood. This makes the skin glow and prevents acne, boils, pimples etc. on the face
  • Eating a handful of organic/pesticide free rose petals adding organic sugar or rock candy and then drinking water gives you good sleep. This also helps to and hence the next morning, there will be no difficulties in passing feces.
  • For eye irritation, wash eyes with rose water 3-4 times a day and along with this eat fresh rose petals daily morning and evening.
  • Take few fresh organic rose petals and crush them to paste. Apply this paste all over the body and rinse it well after some time. This helps to control excessive sweating and gives a pleasant smell
  • To a glass of milk, add 1 teaspoon of dried paste of organic rose petals and drink it continuously for few days to treat gastritis
  • For burning sensation and redness of eyes, spray rose water on cotton balls and place them over eyes. Lie down and relax for 15-20 minutes. Rinse your eyes well with water adding 1 or 2 drops of rose water
  • Rose water can be used as an eye wash to soothe your tired eyes. Add 1 teaspoon of rose water to a cup of water and mix well. Splash your eyes several times with this water and pat try your eyes with a clean cotton towel
  • For any infections in and around eyes, apply rose water to cure infections, wounds or any scars
  • To remove dark circles around the eyes, mix equal quantity of milk and rose water. Dip cotton balls in it and place it on the eyes. Lie down and relax for 10-15 mins
  • Mix equal quantity of rose water and beet juice in a bowl and mix well. Apply this on your lips every night before going to sleep to get beautiful and healthy pink lips
  • Rose water can be used as a mouthwash too. It is very effective in fighting bad odor and also treats gum problems
  • Boil a cup of milk and bring it to room temperature. To this milk, add 1 tsp of rose petal spread/gulkand and mix well. Drink this before going to bed every night to balance sadhaka pitta and for a sound sleep


  • Select roses which are fresh and organic or pesticide free. Fresh organic roses are very aromatic
  • Do not pluck and eat roses from the parks, road sides and lawns. Most of these roses are not edible and can be sprayed with harmful pesticides
  • Use rock candy or organic sugar instead of white sugar. You can also use jaggery
  • Apart from having loaded medicinal properties, roses are used in culinary purposes too. it can be added in your cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits etc. just like an essence.

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